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Ani Mshetsyan

Alen Simonyan: There is no political vendetta in Armenia, and there  has never been

Alen Simonyan: There is no political vendetta in Armenia, and there  has never been

ArmInfo. There is no political vendetta in Armenia, and there has never been. On February 14 at a briefing in the National Assembly Vice-Speaker of the parliament from  the My Step faction Alen Simonyan announced.

He noted that there are many people in Armenia who work in various  fields, including schools, police, state apparatuses, and who remain  members of the former Republican Party ruling in the country. "If we  really pursued those who were affiliated with the Republican Party,  then we would just have to evict all those who were related to them  from the country," Simonyan stressed.

Regarding why the authorities are consistently trying to remove the  head of the Constitutional Court, Hrayr Tovmasyan, rather than the  general prosecutor or the head of the CEC, who also worked with the  RPA, the Vice-Speaker said: "If we draw comparisons between Hrayr  Tovmasyan and the prosecutor, then regarding the head of the  Constitutional Court a criminal case was opened and Tovmasyan is  politicized, despite the fact that he leads a non-political  structure, "Simonyan emphasized.

As for head of the CEC, Tigran Mukuchyan, according to Simonyan, at  the time when the current leadership of the country was in  opposition, they expressed dissatisfaction only with the lack of  people to ensure their presence in 2000 polling stations. It should  be noted that since the fall of 2019, the authorities have been  trying by all available means to remove the head of the  Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan from his post. Moreover, the  dissatisfaction of the authorities is the entire composition of the  Constitutional Court, with the exception of Vage Grigoryan appointed  by them, who does not consistently go to his work. 

Representatives of the authorities say that the crisis has developed  in the Constitutional Court, which must be resolved. Judges disagree  with this position of the authorities and are not going to resign. In  order to remove the judges from their posts, the parliament decided  to hold a referendum on amendments to the Constitution of the  country. On April 5, a constitutional referendum will be held in  Armenia, at which the issue of judges of the Constitutional Court  will be decided. 

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