Friday, February 14 2020 12:48
Karina Manukyan

Pashinyan: Armenian government and many opposition forces interested  in relations with Germany

Pashinyan: Armenian government and many opposition forces interested  in relations with Germany

ArmInfo.The government of Armenia, the parliamentary majority and many opposition forces are interested in relations with Germany. This was stated by the Prime  Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan during a discussion at the  Friedrich Ebert Foundation on February 13.

 The Prime Minister noted that over the past 1.5 years, the European Union has become Armenia's main partner in the reform agenda, pointing out the special role of  Germany in this process.

<Since April 2018, Armenia has moved from a semi-presidential to a  parliamentary system of government, and we see Germany as a country  where the success of this system of government has been proven. It is  very important for us to have the opportunity to study the experience  of Germany, to see the system of balance and compromise that allowed  us to establish an irreversible democracy with an independent  judiciary, and also stimulated economic development and a competitive  economy. In this regard, I consider our cooperation with Germany to  be important, and I am very happy about this opportunity>, he said.   The Prime Minister noted that the reform program was actually set out  and described in the Agreement on Comprehensive and Enhanced  Armenia-EU Partnership. <We will consistently carry out the reforms  provided for in this agreement. Economic cooperation with the  European Union is very important for us, and Armenia, as a member of  the EAEU, attaches great importance to the establishment of economic  and political cooperation between the EAEU and the EU. Last year,  Armenia presided over the EAEU, and this was obviously a successful  chairmanship. Armenia is a supporter of economic and political  cooperation between the EAEU and the EU, and we will do our best to  make this cooperation work. But I would also like to say that the  Republic of Armenia is a good environment for foreign investment,  including German and European investors who want to have unlimited  access to the EAEU's 180 millionth market, "Pashinyan noted,  emphasizing that the products manufactured in Armenia may be exported  to the EAEU without customs clearance. 

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