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Ani Mshetsyan

David Babayan: The resolution of the Artsakh issue should be  evolutionary

David Babayan: The resolution of the Artsakh issue should be  evolutionary

ArmInfo. We should not evaluate the last meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan solely in the context of its duration, it is much more important to  pay attention to the issues that were discussed by the heads of the  foreign affairs agencies of the countries.  Artsakh President  Spokesperson David Babayan stated this in an interview with ArmInfo  correspondent.

"In this context, that is, in the context of the issues discussed at  the talks, we don't see new or dangerous trends. In particular, we  noted the need to continue negotiations and maintain a peaceful  situation in the region. Moreover, it seems to me that the co-chairs  understand that there can be no revolutionary solutions in this  matter. The solution must be evolutionary, "Babayan noted.

According to the press secretary of the NKR President, the  evolutionary solution is to prepare peoples for peace. "However, this  requires a lot of time. And this is impossible until anti-Armenian,  essentially fascist propaganda is carried out in Azerbaijan, starting  from kindergartens," he said.

When asked by ArmInfo correspondent how much, in his opinion, the  exchange of journalists of Armenia and Azerbaijan contributes to the  preparation of peoples for peace, Babayan noted: "This is one of the  elements of preparing peoples for peace, but it is impossible to  concentrate on it only. By and large, without working on other  planes, by simply exchanging journalists, people cannot be prepared  for peace. For this, long work is needed, and I repeat, this idea  needs to be laid to children at an early age, " Babayan noted.

The spokesperson noted that in general he appreciates the negotiation  process positively. "The fact that the negotiation process and the  relative peace in the region are supported is already a lot. And  until the final settlement of the Artsakh issue, we are still very  far away," Babayan concluded.


Если можно высказаться одним словом, то по содержанию статья довольно обнадеживающая, даже несмотря на то, что ...в Азербайджане, начиная с детских садов, ведется антиармянская, по сути, фашистская пропаганда. Однако азерпроп опасается обрушить всю свою антиармянскую пропаганду, не подпитываясь своими вымыслами. Эволюционный процесс предполагает не только внутренние, но и внешние преобразования. Может быть и сами арцахцы не против отстрашующего и унижающего соседей слова миацум, и желали бы, обретя свободу, благоденствовать, строя нормальные отношения и со своими кровными братьями и с сосе

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