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Karina Manukyan

Pashinyan: In the conditions of new political and social situation we  need new police

Pashinyan: In the conditions of new political and social situation we  need new police

ArmInfo. In the face of new political and social situation, we need a new police force. According to the press service of the Government, the Prime Minister of the  Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated during the January 24  meeting on reforms in the Armenian Police.

 Opening the meeting, Pashinyan noted: "It must be noted that after the non-violent,  velvet, people's revolution in Armenia in 2018, the police as a whole  fuulfilled and continues to fulfill the tasks assigned to it.  However, we note that in the context of new political and social  realities, we need a new police force, in terms of the very content  of the word>.

According to him, the most important goal of this process should be  the establishment of new relations between the police and citizens.  According to him, it is worth refraining from fragmentary steps,  since they should be strategic in nature. As noted, the result of the  reforms should be a new content that will lead to institutional  changes not only in the law enforcement bodies themselves, but also  changes in society and the atmosphere prevailing in the country, as  well as in the protection of public order, prevention and the fight  against crime.

During the meeting, in particular, issues of structural changes in  the police, a new personnel policy, technical re-equipment, the  introduction of new educational programs, training, the formation of  the necessary stock of knowledge and skills were raised. The Prime  Minister instructed those responsible to complete the development of  the reform strategy in a short time and present them for discussion. 

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