Friday, January 24 2020 17:56
Alexandr Avanesov

New models of education will be introduced in Armenia

New models of education will be introduced in Armenia

ArmInfo. New models of education will be introduced in Armenia. Amendments to the law "On General Education" were introduced at a plenary meeting of the  Parliament on January 24.

As RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arayik  Harutyunyan noted in his speech, the presented document is part of  the program for reforming the education system. In particular, it is  planned to introduce a distance learning system, within which the  student and teacher will be able to communicate with each other  through electronic systems. Today, in the general educational system  of Armenia, there are a number of problems, including understaffed  classes, rural schools, where students of different classes study  together. The minister also noted the lack of professional staff, the  remoteness of schools from some villages, which leads to problems  with attendance. Currently, schools in the republic lack teachers.  The matter concerns about 1 thousand teachers. The distance learning  system will solve this problem. For these purposes, a Distance  Learning Center has been set up, with which the educational  institutions of the republic will be able to conclude an agreement to  organize the training process. Representatives of the Diaspora will  also be involved in the program. Another innovation concerns the  introduction of a credit education system, which will be extended to  students in grades 10-12, and which provides for a credit assessment  of knowledge gained in various subjects. Also, approaches to the  election of school principals will be changed. They, in particular,  undertake to pass exams and obtain an appropriate license. After  that, candidates for school principals will have to be interviewed in  the Teachers Council created for this purpose, and the interview will  not go on the issues presented (this task is solved at the first  stage when obtaining a license), but according to the applicant's  visions for development programs. It is also planned to introduce an  elite education system, which will be implemented in three stages.

The document also presents the principles and methodology of school  financing, which are approved and implemented by the government. The  ministry will approve training programs, a distance education system,  a credit education system, ethical standards and other programs.

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