Friday, January 24 2020 15:39
Ani Mshetsyan

Head of Constitutional Court explained reason for active position of  former head of NSS

Head of Constitutional Court explained reason for active position of  former head of NSS

ArmInfo.The public of Armenia knows only about 10% of what the government actually does. President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan stated this on January 24 in a conversation with reporters, commenting on the position of the  former head of the National Security Servicel, Artur Vanetsyan,  regarding his assessment of the events surrounding the Constitutional  Court.

"Former head of the NSS Arthur Vanetsyan hinted about this, and I'm  sure that the honor of the officer will not let him be quiet. When he  says everything, the public will know when these processes began,  which, in particular, were discussed with me and much more. And if I  am silent about everything that is happening, it's only because I  care about the international authority of the country, "Tovmasyan  emphasized.

When asked whether Tovmasyan was not going to resign after all that  had happened, the latter remarked:  "After everything that happened,  do you continue to ask me this question?"

The head of the Constitutional Court also emphasized that everything  that happens around his personality is exclusively political. "The  fact that I refuse to testify is a consequence of the fact that there  is no legal basis in all of this, only a political one," Tovmasyan  said, noting that he did not speak, and does not intend to speak with  Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan around all this.

It should be noted that former head of the National Security Service  Artur Vanetsyan on January 15 on his Twitter wrote: "My warning about  the dangers threatening the country's security was also connected  with the events that take place around the Armenian Constitutional  Court."

To recall, today in the  apartment of the head of the Constitutional  Court, Hrayr Tovmasyan, SIS conducting a search. Tovmasyan is charged  under Article 308 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia  (abuse of power, resulting in negligence with grave consequences -  Ed). This is the same criminal case in which the godson of Tovmasyan  Norayr Panosyan was indicted. Tovmasyan himself considers everything  that is happening political persecution.

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