Friday, January 24 2020 15:19
Karina Manukyan

In 2019 SRC seized narcotic and psychotropic substances in amount of  $ 3 million

In 2019 SRC seized narcotic and psychotropic substances in amount of  $ 3 million

ArmInfo.During 2019, the State Revenue Committee of Armenia identified cases of illegal transport of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances worth over 1.5 billion  drams. Head of the anti-smuggling department of the SRC Vardan  Vardanyan, adding that in dollar terms the amount exceeds $ 3  million, announced this.

In total, during the past year, 11 kg of opium, 8.2 kg of  methamphetamines, about 3 kg of ketamine, about 1.3 kg of marijuana  and hashish, 74 electronic cigarettes containing hash oil, 16.5  thousand tablets and capsules were discovered and taken out of  illicit trafficking, containing narcotic and psychotropic substances.  Compared to 2018, the amount of seized methamphetamine increased  almost 2.5 times, methadone 8 times, hashish and marijuana 12 times.

"In the case of the suppressed attempts to transport prohibited  substances across the Armenian border, we mainly dealt with  international mail, as well as attempts to carry through the  Armenian-Iranian border," Vardanyan informed. In total, in 2019, 85  cases of sending narcotic and psychotropic substances to the  territory of Armenia through mail were identified, of which 52 were  from the USA, 20 from France, 13 from Germany, Spain, Austria, Israel  and Poland.

According to Vardanyan, electronic cigarettes and mouthpieces  containing hash oil were mainly delivered from the USA, and marijuana  from European countries. From the United States and from Europe,  drugs containing narcotic and psychotropic substances were also often  sent to Armenia via mail.

It was also pointed out that over the past year 35 attempts to  transport narcotic substances to Armenia from Iran have been  identified, which mainly concerned opium, methamphetamine, hash,  heroin, methadone and tramadol. At the same time, in 20 cases, the  citizens of Iran acted as smugglers, and in the remaining cases,  citizens of Armenia. In addition, at the Zvartnots airport, 8  attempts to smuggle drugs were stopped.

"Identified prohibited narcotic and psychotropic drugs are sealed,  sent to the Investigation Department, where, after the completion of  the criminal case, they are destroyed," Vardanyan said. According to  him, during 2019, as a result of revealing the facts of concealment  of goods from customs control, failure to fill out a declaration or  providing inaccurate information, in particular, cases of illegal  transportation of 574 mobile phones and more than 5 kg of gold and  silver jewelry to the republic were recorded. 

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