Thursday, January 23 2020 19:14
Alina Hovhannisyan

Armenia`s tourism potential presented at international exhibition in  Madrid

Armenia`s tourism potential presented at international exhibition in  Madrid

ArmInfo.Armenia is presented at FITUR 2020, the first international tourism exhibition of the year in Spanish capital Madrid. The companies are under one  joint pavilion with the support of Tourism Armenia association. Nine  experienced incoming tour operators are presenting our country's  tourism attractiveness. 

According to the report, FITUR 2020 has brought together more than  10.000 tourism companies from 160 countries in one platform. It is  expected that the number of field professionals' and exhibition  visitors' will exceed 250,000.  Armenian incoming tour operators  emphasize the opportunities of cultural and gastro tourism while  presenting our country's attractions to Spanish and European market  partners. 

"This year Armenia is presented in one large joint pavilion.  Moreover, this year Armenia's "umbrella" gathered not only  association member companies, but experienced tourism companies from  the industry. This is crucial for presenting our country properly to  our international partners and for consolidating, unifying and  developing the tourism industry", noted the Chair of Tourism Armenia  association Syuzanna Azoyan.  Since 1995 Tourism Armenia member  companies presented our country in different regions of the world,  laying the groundwork for organized tourism development.  RA Ministry  of Foreign Affairs, the Armenian embassy in Spain and the Armenian  community have supported to present Armenia at its best in FITUR  2020. The exhibition started on January 22nd and will last 5 days.  

It should be noted that according to the results of 9 months of 2019,  the flow of tourists by 14.4% was registered in Armenia, which was  largely ensured by tourist visits from countries where the average  tourist growth was fixed at 30-40%. In the first 9 months of this  year, 1.046 million people visited the country, a significant  proportion of which are citizens of the Russian Federation - 646  thousand people (an increase of 23.1%). The number of visits by US  citizens increased by 18.5%, by 29% by citizens of Lebanon, by 21% by  citizens of France, by 30-40% by citizens of Sweden, Switzerland and  Greece, and by 23% by citizens of the Netherlands. An increase in the  number of visits by South Korean citizens was recorded at 37.6%,  China - 42.1% and Japan - 18.5%. The Government of Armenia will  allocate 6.3 billion drams for the development of the sphere in 2020. 

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