Thursday, January 23 2020 18:31
Karina Manukyan

Use of plastic bags will be banned in Armenia from 2022

Use of plastic bags will be banned in Armenia from 2022

ArmInfo. The use of plastic bags will be banned in Armenia. The legislative amendment proposed by the RA Ministry of the Environment will enter into force on January 1, 2022.

At the meeting of the Government of Armenia on January 23, the draft  Law  "On Making Addenda to the RA Law  "On Trade and Services"" was  adopted by the Ministry of Environment. Introducing the document,  Minister Erik Grigoryan noted in particular that this step is due to  the need for legal regulation aimed at reducing the use of plastic  bags and bags up to 50 microns thick (with the exception of packaging  bags for weighing, as well as bags from recycled materials).

It is noted that plastic bags pollute the water resources of Armenia,  as well as the territories adjacent to resorts and tourist  attractions. In this regard, it is planned to take measures that will  encourage consumers to use alternative (that is, safe from the point  of view of protecting the environment and human health) bags and  reusable bags.

The draft Law "On Amendments to the RA Law "On Trade and Services ""  will create favorable conditions for reducing the amount of plastic  waste in the country, while avoiding raising prices for a wide range  of polymer-based products. As a result, a decrease in the use of  plastic bags is expected, which will lead to a reduction in  environmental pollution and improved environmental performance. This  is especially important given that decomposition of cellophane  packets under natural conditions requires more than 400 years.

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