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Karina Manukyan

"My step" criticized the creation in the National Assembly of the  commission of inquiry to study the aspects of the municipality

"My step" criticized the creation in the National Assembly of the  commission of inquiry to study the aspects of the municipality

ArmInfo.The "My Step" faction of the Council of Elders of Yerevan criticized the creation of a commission of inquiry in the National Assembly, which will study a  number of aspects of the capital's municipality.

As previously reported, an investigation commission will be created  in the Armenian parliament to study agreements on the transfer of  vehicles and other property to the Yerevan Municipality, the  provision of services by various entities, the transfer by the  Yerevan community of real or movable property, including property as  well as non-property rights, permits for construction related to them  starting in September 2018.  It is created by force of law on the  basis of the signatures of one quarter of the deputy corps. 

The commission will consist of 11 people, and will conduct an  investigation for six months. An investigative commission will be  headed by member of the Enlightened Armenia faction Ani Samsonian.   Meanwhile, in its statement, the "My Step" faction of the Council of  Elders notes that the powers of the National Assembly established in  the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia do not  extend to the investigation or control of the activities of local  authorities. In addition, in part 1 of article 23 of the  constitutional law <Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly> it  is clearly noted that the activities of the commission of inquiry  cannot go beyond issues within the jurisdiction of parliament. Thus,  although the issues that caused the formation of the aforementioned  Commission are of public interest, they are not within the  jurisdiction of parliament. It is also indicated that the decision  document on the establishment of the Investigative Commission of the  National Assembly reflects the functions that, according to the  legislation, are the powers of the mayor. The authors of the  statement also voiced bewilderment by the fact that the opposition  factions of the Council of Elders did not exercise their legal right  and did not create an appropriate commission of inquiry within the  Council of Elders. <In view of the above, we consider unacceptable  the interference of the National Assembly in the activities of the  local government in a form not established by law. We also believe  that the beginning of such a process is a manifestation of disrespect  for the bodies of the Council of Elders and the institution of the  mayor>, the statement says. It is also emphasized that the "My Step"  faction of the Council of Elders of Yerevan advocates an open  discussion of issues of public interest, and is ready, within the  framework of its powers, to assist this process, including regarding  the issues that caused the formation of the above-mentioned  investigation commission in the National Assembly.

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