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Ani Mshetsyan

Lilit Makunts: The key to all necessary reforms, including on issue  of "Super Prime Minister System" of government, is political will

Lilit Makunts: The key to all necessary reforms, including on issue  of "Super Prime Minister System" of government, is political will

ArmInfo.The fight against the of "Super Prime Minister System" of government and its negative manifestations is necessary. Lilith Makunts, the head of the "My  Step" faction, said this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent,  answering the question of whether the profile commission on  constitutional reforms will discuss the issue of a of "Super Prime  Minister System"  of government.

"Our struggle, with unacceptable manifestations of the of "Super  Prime Minister System", is takes place every day," Makunts said.

The head of the "My Step" faction noted that the approach to  constitutional reforms should be at several levels: institutional,  legislative and legal. "At the same time, it is necessary to take  into account the principle of distinguishing all branches of  government. It seems to me that after the implementation of these  reforms the role of the parliament will also increase, and this is  necessary. I am sure that during discussing all the proposals for  constitutional amendments, the profile group will also discuss the  issue of increasing the role of the parliament," she said. 

However, according to Makunts, the most important thing in this  matter is the manifestation of political will. "As you know, we  previously had a semi-presidential system of government according to  documents, but in fact, we had the presidential system of government  underlined. That is, the most important thing in this matter seems to  me to be a manifestation of political will. I also think that the  profile commission, discussing constitutional reforms should discuss  the issue of increasing the role of the parliament, "the MP stressed.

To the remark of ArmInfo correspondent that the Prime Minister of  Armenia Nikol Pashinyan noted that the parliament does not currently  use its powers to the full, and how likely it is that the next  National Assembly will completely take all the levers into its own  hands, Makunts noted that parliamentarians strive for this every day. 

"We are gradually trying to fully use all our powers. And the results  of this process are very impressive. As an example, I would like to  cite cases when the parliament expresses its disagreement with some  proposals of the government," the head of the faction concluded. 

It should be noted that by the decision of the Prime Minister, the  process of creating a profile commission on constitutional reforms  has begun. This commission will consist of 15 members. The commission  will include the Minister of Justice and the representative of  Armenia at the European Court of Human Rights, the Ombudsman, as well  as one representative from the General Meeting of Judges, six legal  scholars, two representatives from public organizations and one  representative from each parliamentary faction. 

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