Tuesday, January 21 2020 16:04
Ani Mshetsyan

Passions run high in Armenian parliament, sensational bill on banning  criminal subcultures has become an apple of discord

Passions run high in Armenian parliament, sensational bill on banning  criminal subcultures has become an apple of discord

ArmInfo.The National Assembly is not a venue for a showdown. On January 21, MP from the Prosperous Armenia faction Gevrog Petrosyan said this in an interview with  reporters.

At the same time, the MP noted that there are people in parliament  who believe that if they are a majority, they have the right to  suppress the votes of those who do not share their points of view.  "But this is not at all a place where opponents' votes should be  suppressed; this can be done outside the courtroom, "Petrosyan  emphasized.

To note, today between the elected representatives began another  brawl. This time, the sensational bill banning criminal subcultures  became the bone of contention. It all started with the fact that  independent MP Arman Babajanyan condemned the speech of Gevorg  Petrosyan and urged him to ask for forgiveness from the Minister of  Justice Rustam Badasyan, who was submitting the bill. The thing is  that Petrosyan advised the Minister of Justice to fight not only with  "thieves in law", but also with those people "who can be  characterized by three letters" (It is assumed swear word in  Armenian, Ed.)

Having finished his speech, Babajanyan headed to his place, when  suddenly, like a bolt trom the blue, several MPs from the PAP  approached him and began to confront him in loud voices. As a result,  other MPs not participating in this brawl managed to somewhat  stabilize the situation in the hall, and parliament Spaker  Ararat  Mirzoyan was forced to take disciplinary measures and remove four MPs   from the PAP from the meeting room for one day. In particular, we are  talking about Janibek Hayrapetyan, Arthur Dallakyan, Arayik  Aghababyan and Gevorg Petrosyan. In turn, Arman Babajanyan also  expressed his indignation at the incident. In a conversation with  reporters, the latter said that he was waiting for an apology from  head of the PAP Gagik Tsarukyan. "I hope that the head and secretary  of the faction will apologize for this behavior of Gevorg Petrosyan,"  the MP stressed.

In an interview with ArmInfo correspondent, head of the ruling  faction "My Step" Lilit Makunts also condemned Petrosyan's behavior.  "In connection with today's incident, I would like to note that we  are faced with a civilizational problem. And today, the need to  create a working ethics commission is very urgent. This commission  will examine any statements by deputies that do not comply with  parliamentary regulations regarding the behavior of MPs>, Makunts  said. "I am very sorry, but such incidents periodically occur in  parliament. But we intend to resolve this issue, and do not intend to  retreat, "concluded the head of the My Step faction.

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