Tuesday, January 21 2020 15:35
Karina Manukyan

Court rejected  Manvel Grigoryan`s defense motion on his treatment in France

Court rejected  Manvel Grigoryan`s defense motion on his treatment in France

ArmInfo. On January 21, a courtof general jurisdiction rejected  Manvel Grigoryan's  defense motionon the treatment of former MP  in France. 

The court justified this by the fact that there was no evidence that  the appropriate treatment cannot be organized in the medical centers  operating in the territory of Armenia. We add that, presenting the  petition, lawyer of the former MP Levon Baghdasaryan stated that the  family of the defendant is ready to bear all the costs of treatment  in France.

To recall, earlier Grigoryan was hospitalized at the Nairi MC, and  subsequently, by a court decision, the preventive measure against him  was changed from arrest to recognizance not to leave.

Meanwhile, according to the conclusion of the interdepartmental  commission established to conduct a forensic medical examination of  Grigoryan, the accused's illness and complications do not correspond  to the list of serious diseases approved by the Government. In  addition, based on the conclusion, he can receive treatment in one of  the hospitals in Armenia.  Manvel Grigoryan is accused of illegal  possession of weapons and ammunition, appropriation of property in  the amount of 101.2 million drams, tax evasion in the amount of 1.2  billion drams, embezzlement of state funds of 1.2 billion drams, and  appropriation of property by extortion in the amount of 37 million  drams. 

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