Tuesday, January 21 2020 14:46
Karina Manukyan

Court hearing in case of Robert Kocharyan again postponed

Court hearing in case of Robert Kocharyan again postponed

ArmInfo.The court hearing scheduled for January 21 in the case of second President of the Republic of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and others is again postponed  due to the fact that the lawyers of Kocharyan and former Deputy Prime  Minister Armen Gevorgyan did not appear at the hearing.

They explained their position by the court's improper attitude to the  threats voiced by one of the victims, who had previously stated:  <Speak more respectfully on March 1, otherwise you will find  yourself:>, but the continuation could not be heard, since the  defense side expressed its protest. Judge Anna Danibekyan promised to  study the record of the court session, but subsequently stated that  she did not find any threats to the lawyers in the record.

On January 14, the hearing was also postponed because, due to the  aforementioned threats, lawyer of the former CSTO Secretary General  Yuri Khachaturov, Mihran Poghosyan, also refused to participate in  the trial.

This position of absent lawyers will be discussed at the next  meeting, which will be held on February 4 at 1:00 p.m. .

It should be noted that second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan  was charged with overthrowing the Constitutional system in the  framework of the events of March 1, 2008.

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