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David Stepanyan

PC Head: Killing high-ranking officials has far-reaching goals

PC Head: Killing high-ranking officials has far-reaching goals

ArmInfo. The killings of senior officials in Armenia have far- reaching goals. In my opinion, this is obvious. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo, the head of the  Public Council of Armenia, director of the Armenian Institute of  International Relations and Security Stepan Safaryan.

"The other day, the former SNB director Georgy Kutoyan was killed,  last year, key witnesses passing by the" March 1 Case "were former  head of the Armenian Police Hayk Harutyunyan, former head of the  Yerevan Police Ashot Karapetyan, and in 2009, deputy head of the  Police Gevorg Mheryan. I just can't consider all these deaths as  ordinary and even ordinary killings. Obviously, an inexplicable  process is going on around all these people, "he stressed.

The body of the former SNB director Georgy Kutoyan with traces of a  gunshot wound was discovered by his wife on January 17. The criminal  case was instituted under Article 110 of the RA Criminal Code  (suicide). However, according to the deputy head of the Investigative  Committee of Armenia, Arthur Melikyan, Kutoyan could well have been  the victim of murderers or rigged as suicide. On January 19, the  Prosecutor General of Armenia Arthur Davtyan told reporters that the  data obtained by the investigation indicate suicide. At the same  time, he said that in any case, all versions characteristic of any  fatal case will be checked.

Safaryan recalled that prior to assuming the post of director of the  National Security Council, Kutoyan worked as an assistant to the  president, deputy general prosecutor, that is, he was a confidant in  the system of the previous government. In this light, it seems  difficult to assume that his death took place on domestic grounds,  according to the analyst. Especially in light of Kutoyan's previous  death, the deaths of several senior officials.

The analyst is convinced of one thing - there are no such accidents  tied into a single chain. At the same time, he finds it difficult to  indicate persons interested in the death of Kutoyan and others.  According to Safaryan, the investigating authorities have yet to find  out. In this light, he suggests waiting for the characteristics of  Kutoyan's death on the part of the preliminary investigation  authorities.  Note that, in the room where Kutoyan's body was  discovered, dozens of bullets and shells were found, and damage to  the walls. At the scene of the incident, an award-winning Glock  pistol was discovered, previously received by Kutoyan as a gift from  the leadership of the Georgian Security Service. The forensic report  will be received on January 18. Kutoyan served as director of the NSS  from 2016 to 2018. 

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