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Armen Sargsyan at a meeting with members of the Switzerland-Armenia  Chamber of Commerce in Zurich presented his vision of the future of  Armenia.

Armen Sargsyan at a meeting with members of the Switzerland-Armenia  Chamber of Commerce in Zurich presented his vision of the future of  Armenia.

ArmInfo. Armenian President Armen Sargsyan, who is on a working visit to Switzerland, held a working lunch in Zurich with members of the Switzerland-Armenia  Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives of the Swiss business.

According to the RA President's press service, the President of the  Switzerland-Armenia Chamber of Commerce Mike Baronyan congratulated  the President and the people of Armenia on the success achieved in  the republic in 2019, and noted that the presence of President  Sargsyan at this event is of great importance for members of the  Armenian community and the Chamber of Commerce.  In turn, the  director of the Investment and Entrepreneurship Department of the UN  Conference on Trade and Cooperation (UNCTAD), James Jean, stated that  this was his 4th meeting with the President of Armenia, moreover, he  had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Armenian leader's  vision on global issues and ways at various venues their decisions,  in particular in the context of developing countries, as well as the  future role of the UN Conference on Trade and Development.

James Jean also expressed his gratitude to Sargsyan for the trust  placed in him in the preparation of the report on the investment  environment of Armenia. He noted that this will help Armenia improve  its investment environment and be at the forefront of the global  competitive field. "In Armenia, significant changes will occur if the  country's leadership is guided by the vector of turning the Republic  into a regional business hub, and also makes progress in the field of  information technology and artificial intelligence, becoming part of  the global chain," he said, adding that seeing this potential, The UN  Conference on Trade and Development will continue to support Armenia  in improving the investment environment in the country. M

, the Director of UNCTAD noted.

In turn, Sargsyan expressed gratitude to UNCTAD for the proposed  interesting ideas, based not only on the views of the Armenian  government, but also on the investment community in Armenia and  abroad. "This is a brief but comprehensive report. And for Armenia  you did this work for free, for which I would like to thank you. I  hope to see other partners in Armenia, leaders of different  countries, in early March, when we will discuss the future of this UN  organization>, - said the head of Armenia.  Speaking about the  problems in the country, Sargsyan pointed to such phenomena as  corruption, expressing the belief that intolerance to this phenomenon  should become a national culture, as is the case in many European  countries, and expressed the belief that for the formation of this  culture it is necessary to go a certain way, including changing the  legal system of the country.

Another challenge for Armenia, according to the president, is the  structure of the economy, which needs changes. , the Armenian  President said, adding that the world is at a crossroads today, and  the predictability of the world has fallen sharply.

At the same time, he stated that there are analysts and philosophers  who positively assess this situation, because no one knows which  direction to go, there are no foundations of stability for the global  economy.  "I always thought that uncertainty creates opportunities.  And in an atmosphere of uncertainty, Armenia's future is for  development. There is only one way to succeed, is to work hard for  development and take this opportunity, because we can not only  predict a lot politically and economically but we are at the  crossroads of major technological changes that people call the Fourth  Industrial Revolution.I have another term that I used several times -  political or fleeting revolution. We are on the verge of constant  revolutions because we have discovered how powerful can be small. We  have discovered how powerful a mathematical program, mathematical  modeling in the form of artificial intelligence can be. We are in a  new era. We are dealing with leading to the future,  "Sargsyan noted, pointing out that the future lies with the virtual  world, where you can learn about everyone and everything.

In his opinion, Armenia should develop all sectors: tourism, hotel  business, industry, banking system, which is well developed in  Armenia.

"We need to get on our feet and take care of our nature. Nature is  not limited to the environment in which we live. I represent a  country that is not rich in gas and oil, but a country that is rich  in water. We are looking for ways to make better use of solar energy.  I I can proudly say that thanks to our efforts last year, we plan to  build 400 MW solar power plants in Armenia. The project will be  implemented by Masdar. This is the first step and we can do more.  Armenia produces 6 times more water than we use. M many envy us in  this regard. Water is much more expensive than oil. We need to invest  in nature, clean water, clean food.  This should be Armenia's calling  card, logo, "the Armenian President expressed his conviction.  Noting  that the future is artificial intelligence, quantum technology,  Sargsyan presented in this context his presidential initiative called  ATOM (Advanced Tomorrow). 

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