Monday, January 20 2020 19:05
Marianna Mkrtchyan

National Security Service discovered drug smuggling channel from USA  to Armenia

 National Security Service discovered drug smuggling channel from USA  to Armenia

ArmInfo. In the framework of the fight against drug trafficking, the National Security Service of Armenia revealed and stopped drug smuggling into the country.

According to the report of the National Security Service of the  Republic of Armenia, received by ArmInfo, the department's employees,  in cooperation with colleagues from the State Revenue Committee,  during the operational-investigative measures revealed a channel for  the illegal import of drugs into the country.  "According to the data  obtained, two citizens of Armenia living in Yerevan and one citizen  of Uruguay, by prior conspiracy with an accomplice living in the USA,  established a distribution channel for drugs from the United States  to Armenia. The above persons for a long time, on behalf of the  citizens of the Republic of Armenia, who were unaware of, parcels  were sent to the Republic of Armenia for baby supplies in which large  quantities of narcotic substances (cocaine, methamphetamine and  hashish oil) were smuggled in. The last batch of 5 parcels arrived in  Armenia on December 26. On January 8, 10 and 14, representatives of  the criminal group, under the supervision of NSS officers, received  one of the above parcels, which they transported to their garage,  where they were detained by department officials. Then, three members  of the criminal group were detained, "the statement of the NSS reads.

The department emphasized that a criminal case had been instituted,  three persons charged. According to the court, in relation to these  persons arrest was chosen as a measure of restraint. Investigative  measures are ongoing to identify all members of the criminal group  and identify the recipients of financial flows.

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