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Ani Mshetsyan

Lilit Makunts: Nikol Pashinyan expressed his condolences on the death  of Georgy Kutoyan

Lilit Makunts: Nikol Pashinyan expressed his condolences on the death  of Georgy Kutoyan

ArmInfo. There was a terrible tragedy that shocked all of us. On January 20, in an interview with  reporters, referring to the fact of the death of former Director of  the National Security Service of Armenia Georgy Kutoyan,  head of the  "My Step" faction Lilit Makunts said.  "Regarding the presence of the  Prime Minister at the farewell ceremony with Kutoyan, he expressed  his condolences to the family of the latter. Many high-ranking  officials attended the farewell ceremony. I think that we should not  focus on the fact that the Prime Minister and a number of other  officials are not present at the farewell ceremony, " Makunts said.

When asked why the prime minister expressed condolences immediately  after one of the publications addressed the prime minister's press  service, asking why Pashinyan did not express condolences over the  death of the former head of the NSS, the head of the faction said: "I  don't I followed the chronology of these events, and I don't think it  is very important. The fact is that the Prime Minister expressed his  condolences, " Makunts said.

As for the Facebook post in which one of the users of the social  network said that  head of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan  will be next, the MP noted: "For me, such a wording is unacceptable.  Everyone is obliged to express restraint in such matters. We all have  our share responsibility, is to provide an environment in which there  will be a working relationship, and not insults and statements that  are beyond the reasonable, " Makunts concluded.

It should be noted that on January 17, in the apartment on Paruyr  Sevak Street in Yerevan, the body of the former Director of the NSS  of Armenia Georgy Kutoyan was found with a gunshot wound. The body  was discovered by his wife. Law enforcers found weapons and dozens of  bullets and shells at the scene.  A criminal case was instituted  under Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Armenia (bringing to  suicide), but the SC did not exclude that, as a result, the case  could be qualified as murder. Everything will depend on the results  of the materials collected based on the results of multiple  examinations.

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