Friday, January 17 2020 16:32
Ani Mshetsyan

Head of EU Delegation to Armenia: I am impressed by legal reforms

Head of EU Delegation to Armenia: I am impressed by legal reforms

ArmInfo.  Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Viktorin stated that she was impressed by the reforms that are being carried out in the legal sector in  Armenia. She stated this on January 17 in an interview with  reporters, answering the question of how she assesses the work of the  country's government.

The Ambassador noted that the EU will provide all kinds of assistance  to Armenia in this matter. "I believe that the situation is  improving. However, there is something to work on, there are a number  of reforms that need to be implemented. Until the rule of law is  established in the country, human rights will not be fully respected.  In December, a meeting of the Armenia-EU Partnership Committee was  held in Brussels and both sides noted that there is certainly  progress, however, we should not rest on our laurels, and should  strive for new achievements, the reform process can be very lengthy.  I see that the Armenian government is involved in this process, the  same thing I can say about the EU, " Viktorin said. 

The head of the EU delegation noted that she was very impressed with  the reforms carried out by the government, as well as the efforts of  the latter in the fight against corruption.  When asked about the  main obstacles that Armenia has on the path to democracy, the  Ambassador noted:  "Political will is needed to strengthen democracy  in Armenia, and it exists. International structures of the EU, UN and  various institutions are ready to assist Armenia in this matter. Now  it's very important to carry out reforms step by step, and we are  ready to render our assistance to Armenia. " 

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