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David Stepanyan

Forecast: Turkish Stream will have a direct and indirect impact on  Armenia

Forecast: Turkish Stream will have a direct and indirect impact on  Armenia

ArmInfo.The Turkish Stream gas pipeline commissioned the other day will still have its direct and indirect impact on Armenia. A similar opinion was expressed by  ArmInfo, the editor-in-chief of the journal "Russia in Global  Affairs", Fedor Lukyanov, Director of Research, Development and  Support Fund, Valdai International Discussion Club.

On January 8, during the working visit of Russian President Vladimir  Putin to Turkey, the Turkish Stream gas pipeline was inaugurated. It  is planned to pump 31.5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to Europe  annually through a 930-kilometer pipeline. The Turkish Stream  consists of two lines along the bottom of the Black Sea. One fuel is  supplied to Turkey, another - to European consumers. The depth of the  pipeline in some sections is about two kilometers.

"In general, it is rather difficult to make forecasts regarding the  possible impact of this large-scale, energy and geopolitical project  on the energy system and, accordingly, the foreign policy of Armenia.   Nevertheless, in my opinion, the implementation of the Turkish Stream  will lead to an indirect energy effect and already direct political  influence on the foreign policy of Yerevan, "he stressed.

According to the analyst, given the rather close relations between  Moscow and Ankara, this circumstance can and will have an  exceptionally positive impact on the regional positions of Armenia as  a strategic ally of Russia. According to him, first of all we are  talking about the Armenian-Turkish relations and the settlement of  the Karabakh conflict.

The Turkish Stream, as a new round in the development of relations  between Moscow and Ankara in the field of energy, is called upon to  change the entire energy structure in the neighboring region. Russia  and Turkey have come to this for a very long time and with great  difficulties, primarily of a political nature.  Nevertheless, this  large-scale project is of great importance not only for its parties,  but also for European countries. Its implementation is beneficial to  almost everyone, "summed up Lukyanov. 

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