Thursday, January 16 2020 13:08
Asya Balayan

A gang of scammers profited from using someone else`s passport data

A gang of scammers profited from using someone else`s passport data

ArmInfo.A gang of scammers profited from the use of passport data of other people without their knowledge.

According to the press service of the UK, in the framework of this  case, 15 were injured.  persons. As it turned out, a resident of  Yerevan and his daughter called the announcements about the sale of  cell phones made an appointment and her father paid for it with fake  Russian rubles.

Moreover, in collusion with the residents of Yeghegnadzor and  Echmiadzin, he developed a cunning scheme. They bought expensive  household appliances from passports of unsuspecting people on credit  and resold them. The accomplices shared all the profit in half. A  passport group of fraudsters was provided by a resident of  Yeghegnadzor, who worked for a telecommunications company and had  access to a database.  The latter also, in parts, appropriated the  funds of this company in the total amount of 889 thousand drams, and  the equipment intended for sale in the amount of 2.9 million. The  total damage caused to people and companies suffered from fraudsters  amounted to 21 million 621 thousand drams. These persons have been  charged under the relevant articles of the RA Criminal Code. In  respect of a resident of Yeghegnadzra, arrest was chosen as a  preventive measure, and in respect of other defendants, a  recognizance not to leave was chosen.

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