Thursday, January 16 2020 12:23
Alexandr Avanesov

RA Prime Minister: The current system of state benefits does not  contribute to the economic activity of Armenian citizens

RA Prime Minister: The current system of state benefits does not  contribute to the economic activity of Armenian citizens

ArmInfo.The current system of state benefits does not contribute to the economic activity of Armenian citizens. On January 16, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan  stated this at a government meeting.

For this reason, as the head of government noted, there was a need  for a new system, the development of which, in addition to ministries  of social welfare, other departments should be involved. The task was  set, continued Nikol Pashinyan, so that disability citizens who for  objective reasons have disabilities received state benefits. As for  the able-bodied ones, as the prime minister noted, it is necessary to  create conditions under which employment will become more profitable  for them than receiving state benefits so that they are interested in  working and not in state assistance. The project, according to Nikol  Pashinyan, is still under discussion. Particular attention in the  development of a conceptual document should be given to families with  children, meeting their educational needs and creating conditions for  training and work in order to increase knowledge and skills. Nikol  Pashinyan emphasized that public hearings would be held on the  documents being drafted so that the country's public, along with the  authorities, would be involved in this process.

Recall that on the eve of the government the concept of a new system  was discussed, which provides for the transition from a consumption  system to a system of guaranteed or minimum guaranteed income. A  vulnerability assessment and social assistance system will address  four social needs: material security, health, education and housing.  The methodology developed for this purpose was also discussed, an  analysis of scenarios of possible impacts and expected results of the  new system was presented. It was noted that the new income-based  valuation method takes into account factors such as family  employment, demographic potential, the minimum consumer basket, the  informal economy and others.

At the meeting, the Prime Minister instructed to continue discussions  and expand the working group to discuss options for incorporating  education and healthcare components into the concept. 

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