Wednesday, January 15 2020 17:34
Karina Manukyan

Sensational find made in Armenia changes perception of life of  Neanderthals

Sensational find made in Armenia changes perception of life of  Neanderthals

ArmInfo. During dig at the Lusakert-1 archaeological site of the Stone Age in the Hrazdan Gorge (Armenia), an interesting discovery was made that reverses the  established idea of the life of Neanderthals.

As Pavel Avetisyan, director of the Institute of Archeology and  Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia stated at  a January 14 press conference, geochemical studies showed that  ancient ash found in the cultural layer of the monument was obtained  as a result of human activity. The news can be considered  sensational: earlier, as the expert explained, it was customary to  believe that Neanderthals, unlike Homo sapiens, could not receive  fire artificially. Meanwhile, studies indicate the opposite. The  results of scientific work have already been published in the Nature  scientific journal.  Another extremely interesting find was made on  the territory of the village of Lernagog (Armavir region). 

According to Avetisyan, here, for the first time in Armenia, a  settlement belonging to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B, PPNB  was  discovered. The oldest settlements found earlier, as the specialist  said, belonged to the Late Neolithic. Research in Lernagog is carried  out within the framework of the Armenian-Japanese joint program for  two years. According to Avetisyan, the work will be continued this  year. 

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