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David Stepanyan

Political analyst: Conducting early parliamentary elections in  Armenia in the interests of Nikol Pashinyan himself

Political analyst: Conducting early parliamentary elections in  Armenia in the interests of Nikol Pashinyan himself

ArmInfo.Conducting early parliamentary elections in Armenia in the interests of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan himself. Director of the Analytical Center on  Globalization and Regional Cooperation Stepan Grigoryan expressed a  similar opinion to ArmInfo.

"The fact is that it's simply impossible to deal with his ministers  based on the majority in parliament, it is impossible to talk. They  simply answer to any argument that they have the majority of seats in  parliament, and accordingly, the society has given them a mandate for  the activity that they are leading. It seems to me that this state of  affairs poses a serious danger to the Prime Minister personally, "he  stressed.

In this sense, the political analyst does not doubt the expediency of  holding early parliamentary elections.  Remaining a supporter of the  Pashinyan's majority in parliament, Grigoryan considers the situation  where two-thirds of the mandates held by the My Step bloc  unacceptable. According to him, the predominance, albeit of a  legitimate, but one force in parliament, automatically becomes a  problem for the government itself, for the leader of this majority.

The political analyst is convinced that the possession of 70% of the  seats in parliament is by no means a necessary condition for the  ruling party in a parliamentary system of government. "My step",  according to his estimates, can quite effectively rule the country,  having 35% and being in a coalition with another political force. In  his opinion, moreover, it is precisely these 70% that impede the work  of the government, since voices and criticisms of the small  opposition in the parliament are simply not heard. Accordingly, there  is no opportunity for discussion.

"In the end, we need to return to the agenda of the time of the  revolution. Demanding to "Reject Serzh" our society sought to get rid  of not only him and his entourage. The society demanded to get rid of  the Constitution, the shameful Electoral Code, other laws. All this  continues Remain relevant today, the need to reform the main acts  regulating the state's activities has not gone away. In this light,  the Pashinyan's government has a lot to do, " Grigoryan concluded. 

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