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Sergey Markedonov: In 2019, Pashinyan demonstrated the ability to  roll with the punches

Sergey Markedonov: In 2019, Pashinyan demonstrated the ability to  roll with the punches

ArmInfo.In 2019, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan demonstrated his ability to hold up well. Leading researcher at the Center for Euro-Atlantic Security,  MGIMO Institute for International Studies Sergey Markedonov expressed  a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

 "Last year, the leader of the Velvet Revolution needed to prove his own ability to be not only a tribune and favorite of Yerevan street, but also a politician capable of  managing the bureaucracy. Pashinyan simultaneously passed not one,  but several exams, because he had to solve internal online and  external, socio-economic problems, "he said.

Among Pashinyan's achievements, the analyst noted the consolidation  of executive and legislative powers, as well as maintaining the  initiative in the domestic political game of foreign policy  continuity in relations with Russia. At the same time, the prime  minister retained "former authorities" personnel in a number of  departments, which made it possible to somewhat balance the  consequences of the activities of the "new" ones.

Pashinyan's attack on the "former authorities", whose next object, in  addition to  second president Robert Kocharyan, was third president  of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, Markedonov describes as unprecedented in  the post-Soviet space. According to him, motivated by the fight  against corruption, the criminal prosecution of ex-presidents give  Pashinyan a lot of points. Nevertheless, at the same time they close  to him the same "window to the future" - an opportunity for a  conflict-free change of power, in particular, in the event of a drop  in the prime minister's rating and a rise in the popularity of his  opponents.

In any case, Markedonov is far from seeing Pashinyan's actions as  sheer success. In particular, according to his estimates, a number of  steps taken by the Armenian prime minister raise, at least, doubts.  According to the analyst, the announced massive judicial reform is  essentially an attempt to take control of the judiciary through a  mixture of revolutionary rhetoric and administrative pressure.

"Apparently, Pashinyan is very dissatisfied with the open support of  Robert Kocharyan from the NKR leadership. The Armenian prime minister  has already initiated systematic actions to subordinate Stepanakert  and it is possible that he will do everything in the presidential  election in 2020 to change the power in the NKR to a more predictable  and docile, " Markedonov concluded. 

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