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Karina Manukyan

State of Lake Sevan continues to concern ecologists

State of Lake Sevan continues to concern ecologists

ArmInfo. The state of Lake Sevan continues to cause concern among ecologists.  As  head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development, Karine Danielyan,  noted at a press conference on December 20, waterlogging processes in  Sevan intensified, which became especially evident in the last two  years, when in summer the blue-green algae literally captured the  lake.  

Pollution of Sevan waters by algae was also observed in previous  years, beginning from the 1960s, however, flowering covered only  certain sections of Sevan, while in 2018 and 2019 it covered almost  the entire surface of the lake.  Danielyan noted that in response to  requests from relevant structures, data were received on planned  programs, including the solution of problems with treatment plants in  a number of coastal communities.  However, environmentalists are  concerned about the fact that even the amendments to the law adopted  this year cannot fully protect Sevan from additional water pass in  the event of a negative balance. 

According to her, under the so-called emergency cases noted in the  amendments, you can "fit" almost anything, including the dry season.   Meanwhile, it is the increase in the level of Sevan that plays a key  role in the issue of enhancing the processes of self-purification  and, as a result, improving water quality.  To note, the water pass  from Sevan by September 1 of this year decreased by 46 million cubic  meters in annual terms. As the RA Water Committee previously  reported, as of the reporting date, water withdrawal from Sevan  amounted to 129,044 million cubic meters, which is less than the  indicator of the previous year by 26.2% or 46 million cubic meters.  

The volume of water entering the lake through the Arpa-Sevan tunnel,  as of September 1 of this year amounted to 148 343 million cubic  meters., with annual growth of 12.8%.

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