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Mammadyarov told when his next meeting with Mnatsakanyan will take  place 

Mammadyarov told when his next meeting with Mnatsakanyan will take  place 

ArmInfo. The next meeting of the chapters Azerbaijani and Armenian Foreign Ministries on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement The conflict is planned for  January 2020. About this in an interview Azerbaijani Foreign Minister  Elmar  Mammadyarov said.

"We talked for 3.5 hours (with the Foreign Minister of Armenia Zohrab  Mnatsakanyan in Bratislava on December 4 - IF). We started the  meeting with the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, then we retired  two times with my Armenian counterpart. We touched on essential  issues. First of all, we had to understand where the "red line" is  located, that is, the line cannot be crossed. We understand where  this line is in Armenia, they probably understand where this line is  in Azerbaijan, "Mammadyarov said, Interfax- Azerbaijan reports .

According to him, the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict  should be phased in nature.  At the same time, Mammadyarov noted that  in the statements of the Prime Minister of Armenia and the Foreign  Minister of this country there are certain contradictions, and they  contradict the mandate of the OSCE Minsk Group.

"We agreed to continue the meeting, the next one will take place in  January. The exchange of views at the last meeting was quite tough.  This is manifested in the positions. For example, the main leitmotif  of speeches at the OSCE Ministerial Council in Bratislava is that it  is necessary to resolve all conflicts within the framework of the  territorial integrity of countries. And only The Armenian Foreign  Minister made the opposite statement, which even on the sidelines of  the summit aroused bewilderment in everyone, "Mammadyarov assured.

The Foreign Minister stressed that the Armenian side "is cunning when  it is based on the clause of the right of self-determination in the  framework of the Helsinki Final Act when resolving the conflict."  "This moment is stated in the act as follows: equal rights of people  and self-determination subject to territorial integrity. This is what  we always talk about. Azerbaijanis should return to Nagorno-Karabakh,  to their homes," Mammadyarov said.

According to him, the new government of Armenia positions itself as  democratic. "If so, then let's normalize our relations. Many  questions on the position of the current Armenian authorities are  difficult to understand. Some statements are intended for the  internal Armenian audience. But since we continue the meeting, there  is no alternative to negotiations. The Armenian side also understands  this. In January 2020, we will continue meetings. Our priority is  territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders. If  we are negotiating, we need to move forward, "the Foreign Minister  stressed.

Mammadyarov added that the domestic political situation in Armenia  affects the statements and actions of the Armenian side. "The  internal situation in Armenia is ambiguous, if not complicated. This  all probably affects the positions and statements of the Armenian  side on Karabakh. Therefore, the statements of the Armenian side are  often directed to the internal audience. I think that the Armenian  side is now in a painful search for how get out of this situation,  "the minister concluded. 

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