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Asya Balayan

Ekaterina Dorodnova: Cooperation in the development of the new  Criminal Code reflects the level of relations between Armenia and the  EU

Ekaterina Dorodnova: Cooperation in the development of the new  Criminal Code reflects the level of relations between Armenia and the  EU

ArmInfo.Cooperation in the development of a new Criminal Code reflects the level of relations between Armenia and the EU. This was stated at the public discussions  on the draft Criminal Code by the representative of the EU delegation  to Armenia, Ekaterina Dorodnova.

Dorodnova noted that the EU welcomes the implementation of an  anti-corruption strategy in Armenia and will continue to assist in  judicial reform in the country. <The EU takes judicial reform very  seriously.  These reforms also include changes in criminal justice,  including the development of a new Criminal Code is an essential  element of reform. It also includes actions aimed at retraining  judges and court officials at the Academy of Justice, as well as  strengthening the institutional capacities of criminal justice  institutions, "she explained. According to her, the draft Criminal  Code contributes to progress in criminal justice reform and helps  strengthen legislative, methodological and institutional capacities.

In addition, as Dorodnova noted, in Armenia the program provides  expert assistance in the development and application of criminal  legislation. <It is important to evaluate the implementation process  of the roadmap to combat violence, corruption and other crimes. The  approaches that were developed take into account the peculiarities of  Armenia and are aimed at increasing the level of knowledge regarding  the protection of the right to life, which complements the country's  efforts towards reforms>, she noted.  RA Minister of Justice Rustam  Badasyan noted that an inclusive discussion was held regarding the  development of the draft Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal  Procedure. <The draft new Criminal Code is aimed at solving several  main tasks: new types of punishments are envisaged, in the context of  restorative justice as an alternative to punitive policies,  increasing the effectiveness of existing types of sanctions in  accordance with the logic of the fight against corruption. We also  expect to include a list of corruption crimes in the Criminal Code,  in the framework of the fight against corruption, in accordance with  modern challenges and international requirements, finalize and  clarify the concepts and elements of the crime,> Badasyan said.

He stressed that in addition to this, it is envisaged to increase the  thresholds for limitation of criminal liability, the effectiveness of  the institution of exemption from criminal liability, and to provide  special mechanisms for minors. The Minister expressed hope that in  the spring of 2020, these tasks will be discussed in parliament.

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