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2756 cases of domestic violence recorded in Armenia in 10 months

2756 cases of domestic violence recorded in Armenia in 10 months

ArmInfo.In Armenia, for 10 months of 2019, 2756 cases of domestic violence were registered, among 1760 rapists registered 10% of women. The head of the  department for the protection of the rights of minors and the fight  against domestic violence Nelly Duryan stated this at the third Forum  of Armenian-Georgian legal cooperation.

The forum was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran  Avinyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice of Georgia Thea  Tsulukiani, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Rustam  Badasyan, Permanent Representative of the United Nations Development  Program Dmitry Mariyasin, Head of the EU Delegation Cooperation  Department Gonzalo Serano de la Rosa and other officials .

Of all the innovations in the judicial system, special attention was  paid to the problem of family violence, which significantly changes  the family-educational system of values. It was noted that  departments to combat domestic violence were created in the Police  System of Armenia and Georgia.

The forum presented the preventive measures of crimes against the  person, which are carried out in Armenia. In particular, the work,  which is carried out in 3 stages: stage 1 is a warning, stage 2 is  the registration of the rapist, and stage 3 is the punishment, where  the rapist is first placed in a temporary residence room for 20 days,  he does not have the opportunity to meet with his family , at this  time educational work is being conducted with him. In the second  case, the rapist is deprived of the opportunity to meet with his  family from 6 months to a year.

In turn, the Georgian side presented its experience of reforms in  this area, noting that, taking into account the specifics of this  type of crime, in Georgia they put on an electronic bracelet and use  GPRS to ensure that he does not get close to the place of residence  of the family, as well as schools and children's gardens.  At the  discussions, it was also noted that in Georgia surveillance of a  policeman and his family is being conducted. In the case of violence  by the police against his family, he is first deprived of the  opportunity to carry weapons, and in the second case, he is deprived  of ranks, up to and including dismissal.  The forum participants  expressed hope that all these changes will force the citizens of  Armenia and Georgia to reconsider their attitude to family values,  not to dictate, but to respect the family, children and the  individual personality of each individual.

It should be noted that the history of these forums started in 2015,  discussions at the level of Ministers of Justice are held alternately  in Yerevan and Tbilisi.

Discussions of the two-day forum, organized with the assistance of  the European Union and the UN development program, focused on  judicial reform in the two countries, the introduction of e-justice  tools, improving the protection of human rights, the fight against  corruption, criminal enforcement policy and the fight against  criminal subculture.

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