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Naira Badalian

Customs embassy staff to be set up at Armenian Embassy in Russia

Customs embassy staff to be set up at Armenian Embassy in Russia

ArmInfo.The post of customs attache in the status of adviser to the diplomatic mission will appear at the Armenian Embassy in Russia. The corresponding draft decision was approved at a meeting of the RA Government on December 12.

As the chairman of the RA State Revenue Committee David Ananyan said,  the adoption of the legal act is due to the need to quickly respond  to problems that arise in working with the customs authorities of  Russia, in particular, at the Upper Lars checkpoint. The work of the  attache is also due to the need to represent the interests of Armenia  in Russia related to the customs sector.

The government will appoint a customs attache for a period of three  years with the possibility of extension for one year. Persons who  hold senior positions in the customs service for at least a year and  speak at least two foreign languages can apply for this position. The  residence of the attache will be located in the city of Vladikavkaz.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan added that during this time Armenia  did not experience major crises or insurmountable situations in Upper  Lars. "I must admit that we have a very good working atmosphere with  our partners from Russia and Georgia, we are working very quickly.  The status of the customs attache will help to deal  with impotant  issues," he declared.

To note, the Upper Lars checkpoint, which is located on the  Russian-Georgian road, is the only land road that connects Armenia  with Russia

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