Thursday, December 12 2019 12:58
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Zvartnots airport makes excuses about unscrupulous taxi drivers

Zvartnots airport makes excuses about unscrupulous taxi drivers

ArmInfo.Zvartnots International Airport makes excuses because of its unscrupulous taxi  drivers.

Thus, yesterday a photograph of a taxi receipt was circulated on the  network, which shows that a German citizen for servicing the route  from the airport to the Marriott Hotel on Republic Square, was  charged 34 thousand drams. Meanwhile, the average price from the  airport to the Yerevan center ranges from 2000 to 4000 drams,  depending on how you agree with the taxi driver and the taxi meter.

So, the press service of the airport indicated the need to disclose  the fact of fraud. At the same time, Zvartnots assures that the only  official airport transportation partner is Yandex Taxi, with which an  agreement was concluded in February 2019. At the same time, it was  indicated that the prices of the aforementioned company were posted  at the airport.

"We also wanted to emphasize that the service coupon shown in the  photo was fake and does not belong to Yandex Taxi. CJSC has repeatedly voiced the presence of  this problem and appealed to the appropriate authorities to address  the issue and identify persons involved in fraud. Dear passengers, we  urge you , in order to avoid similar problems in the future, use only  the services of trusted taxis, "the press service said.

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