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Nikol Pashinyan: 2020 will be the year of the citizens of Armenia,  Artsakh and the Diaspora

Nikol Pashinyan: 2020 will be the year of the citizens of Armenia,  Artsakh and the Diaspora

ArmInfo.2020 will be the year of the citizens of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this in a  video message on his Facebook page.

He called on compatriots from the regions of the country, Artsakh and  the Diaspora to spend New Year's Eve on Republic Square in the center  of the Armenian capital. According to him, the government of the  country allocated significant financial resources - about 270 million  drams - for New Year celebrations, and this amount will increase  every year. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized that critical notes may be  made on spending so much money on New Year's holidays, considering  there are numerous social problems in the country. But the new  government set itself the task of changing the mentality of the  people at the meeting of the New Year. "The main goal of upcoming  events should not be booze and food, but the solution of economic,  socio-psychological and aesthetic problems, "the head of government  emphasized. He noted that many citizens of the country prefer to  celebrate New Year outside the country, thereby contributing to the  outflow of capital. Government task is the creation of conditions in  order to maximize the number of citizens celebrating this holiday at  home, and the proposed activities are designed to meet this goal. Of  course, the prime minister stated, it is impossible to solve this  problem in one year, consistent work will be required in this  direction so that the meeting of New Year on the main square of the  country has become a tradition.

New Year events, Nikol Pashinyan continued, are also envisaged to  contribute to the growth of the tourist flow. At present, the head of  government noted, there is an increase in interest in tourist Armenia  from citizens of foreign countries. In this context, it is important  that tourism development is not seasonal, so that the republic can  offer something interesting for 12 months a year. Tourists need to  create conditions for visiting the whole republic so that they can  visit cultural and historical monuments, shops, cafes, restaurants.  Many citizens, as Nikol Pashinyan noted, taking into account the  growth of the tourist flow, began to rent out their housing, thereby  creating opportunities for attracting new financial resources.   Others, looking at them, began to put their housing in order,  improving conditions in order to attract tourists. "Our task is to  create conditions for citizens of the country to solve their social  problems. Only through work can we achieve this goal and overcome  poverty," the Prime Minister said.

He also emphasized the importance of upcoming events in terms of  aesthetic education of citizens of the country, especially children  and youth. "Than sitting at home at the table with spoiled dishes,  comparing them with dishes of neighbors, it is better to spend time  in the theater, museum, at a concert, thereby creating a good  atmosphere for yourself and your family, filling with new energy and  saving money on more important things", the head of government stated

He also said that the events will last in the center of Yerevan from  December 21 to January 5. Throughout this period concerts will be  held, including classical music, museums and theaters are open. For  the upcoming events, new works of Armenian composers will be  presented, this process will continue in the coming years, which will  contribute to the emergence of works that will become loved by the  people.  Noting that he intends to spend New Year's Eve on the  Republic Square, the head of government called on all citizens of the  country to follow his example.

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