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The National Security Council of Armenia harshly answered the  Armenian human rights activist

The National Security Council of Armenia harshly answered the  Armenian human rights activist

ArmInfo. The National Security Service of Armenia responded to the accusations of the well-known human rights activist, the head of the Vanadzor office of  the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, Arthur Sakunts, against senior NSS  officials.

So, in a message circulated by the National Security Council of  Armenia, it is recalled that on November 7 Sakunts posted on his  Facebook page an entry in which he crossed all the limits of  permissibility. He used unacceptable remarks addressed to employees  of the department, insulting their honor and dignity, and, on the  other hand, "misleading the wider public strata, disseminating  information that was knowingly false." Regarding concerns regarding  the property of senior NSS officials and persons associated with it,  the NSS recalled that these individuals submit a declaration of  property in accordance with the letter of the law, and therefore  information about their property is publicly available. The NSS  assured that information on the property of senior NSS officials and  related persons, in view of the declaration, is the focus of public  attention.

"Nevertheless, if a person, including the author of the material,  knows other information about the property and income of NSS  officials, other than those contained in declarations that may  indicate a potential crime, we recommend that you submit a statement  of the crime in accordance with the requirements of the law,  including in the National Security Service of Armenia. In this case,  we are ready to consistently respond to these accusations, otherwise  the National Security Service should not be involved in verifying the  authenticity of income statements of high-ranking officials, " knuli  in the department.

The National Security Council of Armenia also reminded the author of  the publication about the tasks and functions of the National  Security Service assigned to the law enforcement agency, including  the functions of ensuring the constitutional order in the framework  of ensuring the security of the Republic of Armenia, combating  terrorism, including international terrorism, money laundering and  the prevention of other such transnational crimes. In this  connection, they continued in the department, various international  organizations, their representatives and persons cooperating with  them, who receive funding from foreign countries, regularly appear in  the field of attention of the NSS, regardless of their name, type of  activity, or other circumstances.

"The fact that in every country, including in many donor countries,  international financial flows are in the field the view of special  services for security reasons, does not require additional  justification or explanation, including for the author's material,  and thanks to the daily tireless work of the security agency, the  rights of citizens to live in a safer country are ensured, - noted in  the National Security Council of Armenia.

The power structure also touched on the voiced question regarding the  appointment of relatives and friends from the acting head of the  department to the NSS, calling the charges unfounded. "We once again  urge the author of the article before expressing his thoughts,  reading, reading and re-reading the legislation of the Republic of  Armenia and understanding that work in the National Security bodies  is a form of military service. Among other things, strict adherence  to the rules of discipline and the charter is implied. recall that as  a special service in the NSS there are more stringent standards for  hiring and promotion, regardless of the degree of proximity, and as  for close relations, we want to inform l those who are concerned  about this issue, that if the close person meets all the requirements  necessary for hiring, then he can't be deprived of the opportunity to  serve in the national security organs, "noted the RA National  Security Council, concluding by calling upon touching upon the issue  related to the department and the people working there, to be more  vigilant, to maintain maximum restraint, not to succumb to emotions,  and before expressing themselves, weigh the pros and cons and not go  the path of self-affirmation by discrediting an important state  Institute and, of course, abide by the rules of civilized ethics  inherent to members of civil society.

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