Tuesday, December 10 2019 14:06
Alexandr Avanesov

Estonian experience will be used to solve problems of apartment  buildings in Armenia

Estonian experience will be used to solve problems of apartment  buildings in Armenia

ArmInfo.In Armenia, each condominium will need to have its own bank account, and each resident of a multi-apartment building will have its own account. The RA  National Assembly at the meeting on December 10 in the first reading  introduced amendments to the law "On the management of apartment  buildings" and the law "On Condominiums" submitted by the lawmaker of  the National Assembly Vagharshak Hakobyan.

According to Hakobyan, today the situation in the management of  apartment buildings is simply ugly and shameful.  Often, the head of  the condominium, who when taking office had nothing , acquires an  expensive car in a year. It is quite obvious, the MP believes, from  where he got the funds. Often these funds are generated from cash  payment, as a result of which the residents of these buildings do not  receive the corresponding services. As a result, there is a situation  in which an inefficient management system is being formed, on the one  hand, and citizen dissatisfaction appears, on the other. As a result,  citizens refuse to pay for the services provided. Now it is proposed  to introduce a provision according to which each condominium will  have its own bank account in the bank, and its residents will have  its own. Residents' payments will automatically be transferred to the  condominium account in non-cash. Thus, according to the lawmaker it  will be possible to control the real payments and the effectiveness  of their use. The MP emphasized that the proposals are only the first  step towards reforming the management system of apartment buildings.   In turn, Vahagn Vermishyan, Chairman of the RA Urban Planning  Committee, noted that currently, 45% of the republic's housing stock  consists of multi-apartment buildings. In this regard, there is a  need for their certification.  As of today, only 15% of these  buildings are certified. The head of the committee recalled that  after the Spitak earthquake, the government of Soviet Armenia  allocated large funds to resolve this issue, but their results  disappeared for unknown reasons. Now everything has to start from  scratch. Vahagn Vermishyan announced the development of a new draft  law, on which a specially created commission is working.

The experience of 6 countries was studied, of which the authors of  the document under development drew on the Estonian experience,  recognized as one of the best in the EU. The experience of Estonia,  the head of the committee continued, is important and useful to  Armenia, since we are talking about the same scale. The presented  document, according to Vahagn Vermishyan, the government appreciates  positively, considering it the first step in this field.  He noted  that often 100 buildings are combined into condominiums, some of  which pay money, while the other does not, resulting in an imbalance.   The presented document is intended to solve this problem, since it  will be possible to control the funds received and their intended  use.

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