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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia`s Deputy Prime Minister participated in the presentation of  the UNDP Human Development Report -2019

Armenia`s Deputy Prime Minister participated in the presentation of  the UNDP Human Development Report -2019

ArmInfo. Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan participated in the presentation of the Human Development Report -2019.  As the press service of the government told ArmInfo, during his speech at the event, Avinyan  congratulated everyone on the presentation by the UN Development  Program of the Human Development Report for 2019 and the launch of  the National Human Development Report.

At the same time, Avinyan expressed confidence that the questions and proposals raised in the reports would serve as a guide for the country's authorities in developing the sector development policy.

"The possibility of developing human capital, namely the realization  of the right to education and health, is the basis of all other human  rights and freedoms. This is not just a personal conviction, but a  proven fact in the social sciences. It is also a fact that  investments in health, knowledge, people's skills and abilities have  a direct impact on economic development, providing decent living  conditions and social well being. Therefore, if we seek to reduce the  number of premature deaths, we must improve the quality of the first  health care and promote a healthy lifestyle from the kindergarten,  "Avinyan noted.  At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister  expressed his conviction that the result of the development of human  capital is not only economic development. According to him, this is  an important tool to combat the spread of intolerance and hate  speech, to ensure equality between men and women, as well as to  further expand economic opportunities and promote participation in  political life. Avinyan added that this idea is also reinforced by a  government plan and a comprehensive vision by the authorities for the   development of the country.  "We believe that providing quality,  affordable education and healthcare services will ultimately lead to  increased productivity and economic development. Therefore, we are  increasing funding for education by creating new content and  encouraging schools. We are increasing spending on healthcare, making  many services affordable for all members of the society. We are  developing targeted policies aimed at reducing air, water, soil  pollution, increasing green areas and encouraging responsible  consumption for a safe environment for the health. I would also like  to highlight the major changes in the social programs of the Ministry  of Labor and Social Affairs ", 0said Deputy Prime Minister.  At the  same time, he pointed out the important role of youth in this process  and assured that, despite the progress achieved in the development of  human capital in the country compared to last year, much remains to  be done. "I assure you, the government has already committed itself  to take strategic steps in this direction, making education and  healthcare a priority. I hope that we can make significant progress  in a short time thanks to this effective partnership," Avinyan summed  up.

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