Monday, December 9 2019 17:01
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia ranked 81st in the Human Development Report - 2019 UNDP

Armenia ranked 81st in the Human Development Report - 2019 UNDP

ArmInfo. Armenia ranked 81st in the Human Development Report 2019 of the United Nations Development Program and entered the second group with High Human  Development. The report covers 189 countries, which are divided into  4 groups.

As noted in the document, according to UN studies (UNDP), 20% human  development progress has been lost due to uneven sharing access to  education, health and living standards. "Inequality begins before  birth and worsens by as the child grows. This necessitates an  increase in allocations for education, health and nutrition for  children, "the report said.

UNDP concludes that in countries with the highest productive labor  forces, power is not concentrated in the hands of only one group of  people. Strong trade unions operate in these countries, a high  minimum wage and social protection are guaranteed, as well as ample  opportunities to attract women to the labor market.

According to the rating, the neighbors of Armenia - Georgia,  Azerbaijan and Iran are at the 70th, 87th and 65th places  respectively, also falling into the second group with High Human  Development.

In the first group, "Highest Human Development," the leading five  were Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and Hong Kong, which is  part of the PRC.

For example, such countries as Kyrgyzstan (122), Tajikistan (125) and  Pakistan (152) were included in the "Middle Human Development" group,  and Burundi (185), South Sudan, Chad, and Central African Republic  and Niger (186-189 places)are among the top five in the group "Low  Human Development".

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