Friday, December 6 2019 17:03
Karina Manukyan

Owner of "Flash" Barsegh Beglaryan considers new charges against him  false

Owner of "Flash" Barsegh Beglaryan considers new charges against him  false

ArmInfo. Owner of "Flash" LLC Barsegh Beglaryan considers new charges against him false.  Yesterday, he was charged under clause 1 of part 3 of article 38-179  of the RA Criminal Code in the same criminal case in which the third  president of the RA Serzh Sargsyan is being charged.

In a conversation with reporters on December 6, Beglaryan noted that he  considers the allegations false. He also informed that a month and a  half ago, during interrogation, he had a confrontation with  former  Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan, whose name is also  exaggerated in connection with the aforementioned criminal case.  Beglaryan did not begin to tell other details, noting only that he  had no meetings with Sargsyan on this issue.

Third president of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, is accused of organizing  embezzlement on an especially large scale - about 500 million drams.  Serzh Sargsyan was charged on the grounds of clause 1 of part 3 of  Art.  38-179 of the Criminal Code of RA - an act dangerous to  society.

We are talking about the state program approved in 2013 by the  Government on more affordable acquisition of diesel fuel for spring  agricultural work. According to the investigation, Sargsyan, having  exceeded his official authority, facilitated the purchase of diesel  fuel from Flash Ltd at higher prices.  As a preventive measure, a  recognizance not to leave was taken from Sargsyan.  Investigative  measures in the framework of the criminal case are ongoing.  To  recall , in 2018, Barsegh Beglaryan was charged with arbitrariness  committed with the use of violence or with the threat of its use.

As a result of investigative and operational-search measures in the  framework of the criminal case, it turned out that the founders of  Flash and Flash Motors and other company officials, among others,  also accused the extra-commercial director of Flash Motors LLC of  embezzlement on an especially large scale and demanded to restore the  alleged property damage. Under the influence of threats and acts of  violence, the latter, having no other choice, in April 2016 mortgaged  his apartment, and transferred the amount of the pledge in the amount  of 9.700.000 drams to the company. The next court hearing on this  case was held on December 6. 

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