Thursday, December 5 2019 17:26
Karina Manukyan

Eduard Aghajanyan commented on detention of Deputy Minister on  suspicion of corruption

Eduard Aghajanyan commented on detention of Deputy Minister on  suspicion of corruption

ArmInfo. The detention of Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Gevorg Loretsyan on suspicion of bribery proves  the determination of the authorities in the fight against corruption.   On December 5,  head of the Prime Minister's office, Eduard  Aghajanyan, told reporters about this.

Meanwhile, Aghajanyan urged not to rush to conclusions and, taking  into account the presumption of innocence, wait for the results of  the investigation. He also noted that the current authorities are  quite effectively fighting corruption. "Whether it is a question of  former or current representatives of the government, the position of  the government remains unchanged: lawlessness should be punishable,"  Aghajanyan emphasized.  

On December 4 of the current year, on the suspicion of receiving a  bribe on an especially large scale, Deputy Minister of Education,  Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Gevorg  Loretsyan, his driver, as well as the head of one of the football  clubs operating in the Republic of Armenia, who is also the actual  leader of a number of supplier companies, were detained.  

According to the report of the National Security Service of the  Republic of Armenia, the deputy minister, in exchange for supporting  the aforementioned business entity in receiving tenders for the  purchase of sportswear and equipment for the needs of entities  subordinate to the Ministry, with the assistance of the driver,  agreed to receive a bribe in especially large amounts.

The driver of the deputy minister was detained immediately after the  transfer of part of the funds to him from the head of the economic  entity. A criminal case has been instituted; Gevorg Loretsyan is  detained. 

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