Thursday, December 5 2019 17:26
Asya Balayan

Three masked criminals robbed "Flash" gas station in Yerevan

Three masked criminals robbed "Flash" gas station in Yerevan

ArmInfo. Three unknown persons carried out a robbery at one of the gas stations in Yerevan. A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of what happened in the  Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia. In a conversation  with ArmInfo, Naira Harutyunyan, spokeswoman for the IC, said this.

<A criminal case was opened in the Investigative Committee of Armenia  on the fact of a robbery by a group of persons by preliminary  conspiracy with the use of weapons. Urgent investigative and  operational- search measures are being taken to clarify the  circumstances of the incident and identify the perpetrators of the  crime>, Harutyunyan said.

Last night, on December 5, at about 04:00 a.m. in the territory of  the administrative district of Kanaker- Zeytun in Yerevan, an armed  attack was carried out at the "Flash" gas station.

Three masked criminals entered the restroom of the "Flash" gas  station employees and, threatening with a pistol, knife and stun gun,  took money, mobile phones and a computer from a 54-year-old employee  of the station. Then the criminals left in a car in an unknown  direction. As a result of the attack, the gas station attendant  received a knife wound in the region of his left palm. 

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