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Alexandr Avanesov

The first international exhibition of EAEU member countries is  planned in Tehran

The first international exhibition of EAEU member countries is  planned in Tehran

ArmInfo. Bahman Hosseinzadeh, Managing Director of the Iranian International  Exhibition Company, announced that the first international exhibition  of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is planned to  be held in Tehran.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony marking  the 23rd anniversary of National Export Day, Hosseinzadeh emphasized  the important role of international exhibitions in increasing  exports, reports the Tehran Times. <After the production of domestic  products, these products should be brought to target markets, and  international exhibitions both domestically and abroad will be very  useful in this, "the official said. Emphasizing the fact that Iran is  trying to increase the number of international exhibitions in  accordance with the plan, Hosseinzadeh added:  "Since export to  neighboring countries is one of the main priorities of the Ministry  of Industry, Mining and Trade, almost 40 international exhibitions  were held this year> . 

The Ministry of Industry also plans to provide the organizers of such  exhibitors with the necessary financial assistance. "In general,  exhibitions directly and indirectly contribute to the economic boom  in the country," he said.In May 2018, the Eurasian Union and Iran  signed an interim agreement on a free trade zone for a period of  three years. The agreement provides for a reduction in customs duties  on a number of goods, including 502 names of Iranian goods and 864  Eurasian ones. Of these, 10-12 products were included in the list at  the suggestion of the Armenian government. At the same time, the  parties will not only reduce duties, but also ease non-tariff customs  barriers (import permits, requirements for certification of goods,  and so on). This is especially true when exporting to Iran, where the  authorities very tightly protect the domestic market.As a result, the  EAEU countries will be able to more easily export beef and lamb,  butter, mineral water, grains, as well as steel rolling, tractors,  and buses to Iran. Iran, in turn, will be able to import figs and  pistachios, shrimp, dishes and carpets into the EAEU more easily.

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