Thursday, December 5 2019 12:23
Alexandr Avanesov

Armenian Parliament refused to raise the question of resignation of  RA Minister of Environment

Armenian Parliament refused to raise the question of resignation of  RA Minister of Environment

ArmInfo.Armenian Parliament at the meeting on December 5 with 17 votes in favor, 67 against and one "abstaining" refused to raise the question of the  resignation of the Minister of the Environment Eric Grigoryan before  the Prime Minister. The initiator of the resignation of the head of  the environmental department was the Enlightened Armenia faction.

According to the deputy of the National Assembly from the Enlightened  Armenia faction Mane Tandilian, in the process of implementing  programs in the mining industry, taxpayer funds were essentially used  inefficiently. Moreover, a conflict arose between the two laws on the  state budget and on the budget system ", as a result of which the  executive body in its response to the request of the faction paid  more attention to the law" On the state budget ", ignoring the second  law. Thus, in essence, the practice of inefficient use of development  of natural resources, for which the Minister of the Environment  should be responsible.  In turn, the head of the ruling "My Step"  faction Lilit Makunts, noting the importance of discussions on the  situation in the mining industry on the eve of the response to a  request from the Enlightened Armenia faction, said the faction would  not support the initiative to resign Eric Grigoryan.

The Prosperous Armenia faction took a similar position, which after  yesterday's boycott returned to the RA NA conference room.  Representative of the faction Naira Zohrabyan recalled that, on the  initiative of the "prosperous" parliament, an investigation  commission was formed to study the situation in the mining industry,  and only after summing it up work it will be possible to talk about  whether or not to raise the question of the resignation of the  Minister of the Environment. 

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