Thursday, December 5 2019 12:16
Karina Manukyan

Dilijan community leader charged with abuse of power

Dilijan community leader charged with abuse of power

ArmInfo.The head of the Dilijan community has been charged with abuse of power and forgery. This was reported by the press service of the RA Investigative  Committee.

According to the investigation, the head of the Dilijan community,  holding the mentioned position since 2005, drew up a false document  with the assistance of other people, which caused damage to the  Dilijan community in the amount of 75.927.012 drams.

In particular, a tender was announced for a lease for a period of 40  years owned by the Dilijan community building area of 2611.2 square  meters. m, and at a price incomparably lower than the market - 1.3  million drams. A prerequisite for participation in the tender was the  submission of a program for the complete overhaul of the building,  however, by drawing up a deliberately false protocol, the building  was leased to a LLC that was created just 30 days earlier and was  registered in the name of the daughter of an employee of the Dilijan  Mayor's Office and does not have any overhaul program. building.

The investigation obtained factual evidence that the head of the  community, being charged with organizing the collection of fees for  property owned by the community, from June 2006 to September 2018  (term of termination of the contract) did not fulfill his official  duties. In particular, in the conditions of the failure of the said  LLC to provide any repair program for the mentioned building, the  municipality did not revise or terminate the lease agreement  concluded on clearly unfavorable conditions for the community.  In  addition, for about 12 years of rental, from the fee 90.117.812  drams, a total of 14.190.800 drams were transferred to the community  budget.  The head of the community Dilijan was charged under part 2  of article 308 and part 1 of article 314 of the RA Criminal Code. The  investigator submitted a motion to the court to apply the arrest as a  preventive measure. The investigation continues.

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