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Alexandr Avanesov

RA PM: Escape of former officials involved in a number of criminal  cases must be considered in terms of lawfulness and justice

RA PM: Escape of former officials involved in a number of criminal  cases must be considered in terms of lawfulness and justice

ArmInfo. The escape of former officials involved in a number of criminal cases must be  considered in terms of lawfulness and justice. RA Prime Minister  Nikol Pashinyan stated on December 4, answering the question of the  National Assembly lawmaker Viktor Yengibaryan about the escape of the  former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Gevorg  Kostanyan, who is charged under the case of March 1, 2008.

According to him, the issue of justice worries the public, and the  government shares this concern. But here arises a question of  lawlness. As an example, the head of government brought the escape of  the former Minister of Nature Protection Aram Harutyunyan, who, as a  member of the parliament, had immunity status. He left the country,  already knowing about the initiation of criminal proceedings against  him, and law enforcement agencies could not prevent this, based on  that status of immunity.  "Imagine how much noise would be made if he  was stopped," said Nikol Pashinyan. He added that just yesterday the  issue of another official was being discussed, who, most likely,  would also leave the country, knowing the fact of the criminal  prosecution. " We probably will manage to return some of these  people, but it is important to follow the letter and spirit of the  law," Nikol Pashinyan stated, adding that the state should be strong  not by its brute force, but by the application of laws, and in this  matter it is necessary to be as consistent as possible.

To recall, at the beginning of the year, former MP from the  Republican Party faction Aram Harutyunyan (popularly known as "Bulki  Aram") was prosecuted as part of a criminal case under clause 2 of  part 4 of article 311 (bribe by an official in especially large  amounts for knowingly unlawful act or omission in favor of the bribe  giver) and under clause 1 of part 3 of article 190 (Legalization of  proceeds from crime) of the Criminal Code of Armenia. According to  the prosecution, on June 8, 2007, while occupying the post of  Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia, Aram Harutyunyan demanded  and received a bribe of $ 14 million from businesswoman Silva  Hambartsumyan to issue a license to study and develop non-ferrous  metal deposits in the Syunik, Gegharkunik and Lori regions of the  republic. Of this amount, 6 million were transferred through  relatives of the former minister in cash. Harutyunyan received  another part of the bribe - $ 8 million - with the help of his  friends, through transfers from various accounts opened in the UAE.  To hide the real source of origin of the amount, he transferred funds  to the bank account of an international organization in Switzerland.  Harutyunyan periodically transferred money from this account to the  account of a company operating in Armenia, which belongs to a person  who has close relations with the former minister. At the same time,  the investigation revealed a solid list of real estate - mansions,  apartments, a residential complex in Yerevan, a restaurant, land and  about one and a half million dollars in cash.

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