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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Ankara is ready for a "goodwill gesture" in normalizing relations  with Armenia with unchanged preconditions

Ankara is ready for a "goodwill gesture" in normalizing relations  with Armenia with unchanged preconditions

ArmInfo. The Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed its attitude to the statements of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in an interview with the Italian  "Corriere della Sera" newspaper.

APA reports quoting the Turkish Foreign Ministry that Ankara was  assured that the statements of the Armenian Prime Minister are not  true.

"When referring to the history of Turkish society, the results of  scientific research and archives, it becomes clear that the  requirement to recognize the events of 1915 as genocide is erroneous  from a historical and legal point of view. Despite all this, Turkey  does not put forward the spontaneous refusal of the Armenian side of  the accusations of Genocide as the main condition for establishing  diplomatic relations with Armenia, "the Turkish Foreign Ministry  assured.

At the same time, pointing to the "gesture of goodwill" of Turkey,  the Foreign Ministry reminded that it was Turkey that suggested that  the general commission objectively investigate the difficult period  in the common history of Turks and Armenians and this proposal  remains valid.

"Unfortunately, Armenia accuses Turkey of Genocide on every occasion,  and this is an attempt to politicize history. The dogmatic behavior  of the Armenian side on issues that need to be discussed openly is,  from a scientific point of view, one of the biggest mistakes,"  assured Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Official Ankara also expressed belief that the process of normalizing  the situation in the South Caucasus can begin only if Armenia takes  concrete steps towards the peace process. "But this is hindered by  the fact that the Armenians have been pursuing a policy of  "aggression" for 27 years and taking an irreconcilable position with  regard to Azerbaijan. The coming to power of Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan in 2018 generated positive hopes for a peaceful solution to  the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. But it becomes clear that over time,  he surrendered to some circles, taking a tough stance in his country,  as well as the forces of the Diaspora that are against the peace  process. Pashinyan, on the one hand, states that Karabakh belongs to  Armenia, and on the other hand, says that Turkey poses a serious  threat to Armenia, "the Turkish Foreign Ministry noted.  

At the same time, the Turkish Foreign Ministry assured that it was  ready to show "goodwill"l and give a positive response to Armenia,  but on condition that Yerevan take "concrete and sincere steps to  resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, taking as a basis the  decisions of the UN and OSCE, within the framework of international  standards rights, as well as in the case of refusal to try to impose  his opinion on the opposite side in connection with the events of  1915. " 

To note, Pashinyan in an interview with the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper stated that Armenia is ready to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey without any preconditions. 

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