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Alexandr Avanesov

Discussions on a number of bills in RA NA have resulted in a scandal

Discussions on a number of bills in RA NA have resulted in a scandal

ArmInfo. The discussions on a number of bills in the National Assembly, have resulted in a scandal, moreover, passions flared up far from the submitted  documents.

So, the dissatisfaction of a number of MP from the "My Step" faction  was caused by yesterday's statement by the leader of the Prosperous  Armenia Party and the same name faction of the Armenian, entrepreneur  Gagik Tsarukyan about the alleged refusal of the mayor of Yerevan  Hayk Marutyan from the investments proposed by the Crown Prince of  Abu Dhabi. At the same time, the MPs of the ruling bloc recalled the  coalition of the Prosperous Armenia Party with the former authorities  of the country.

"Honestly, this whole environment in the parliament is beginning to  be disgusting. For 12 years of my parliamentary activity, I have  never met such low-grade discussions," said Naira Zohrabyan, a MP  from the Prosperous Armenia faction. She noted that political  manipulation, the transfer of some papers to others became the main  means of the current government in order to evade discussions of  existing problems. <If you do not understand the meaning of the words  of Gagik Tsarukyan, look for the problem in yourself.  What happened  in reality? Your dear mayor, who has not made any promises, has  refused to attract multimillion-dollar investments.  Perhaps he  didn't understand the meaning of the investment proposal, since his  place is the theater and the "Azizyan" series, in which he plays one  of the main roles, "Naira Zohrabyan noted. She also reminded that  without Prosperous Armenia Party, there would be no the current Prime  Minister. "And therefore, where would yoube  ?," Naira Zohrabyan  asked, referring to the MPs from the My Step faction.

It should be noted that after the speech in the conference room, a  loud skirmish of the MP with his colleagues from the ruling bloc  began, to which the Speaker of Parliament, calling for calm, recalled  the need to abandon the use of double standards during political  discussions.  In turn, representative of the "My Step" bloc Hayk  Konjoryan called for adherence to the RA NA regulations.

"I'm not an experienced politician as you, but I always adhere to the  rules, like the whole faction. We are ready to accept mistakes, if  any, but do not try to impose conditions on us. We will not be  silent. And remember that politics is not a sprint, it's a marathon  that must be endured. We  will definitely overcome it, "the MP  concluded. 

It should be noted that at the today's sitting of the National  Assembly of the Republic of Armenia amendments to the law "On Local  Governments" were discussed, which the MPs forgot during the debate,  while the Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and  Infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia Vache Terteryan patiently  waited for his time to present the government's conclusion on  submitted document. "Mr. Terteryan, do you see the need for a closing  statement," the Speaker asked, which caused a storm of laughter in  parliament. 

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