Wednesday, December 4 2019 11:12
Alexandr Avanesov

Armenia will create a unified system of healthcare management in the  conditions of martial law

Armenia will create a unified system of healthcare management in the  conditions of martial law

ArmInfo. The parliament of Armenia at the meeting on December 4 in the second and final reading amended the law "On the legal status in conditions of martial law."

According to the Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia  Levon Hakobyan, the changes are connected with the need to create a  unified healthcare management system and effectively solve the  emerging problems in the conditions of military operations and  martial law. The deputy minister stressed that there are gaps in the  country's legislation that need to be filled, especially taking into  account the situation and the possibility of the resumption of  hostilities. He noted that in the 1990s, many health facilities were  privatized. In addition, as a result of the decentralization policy,  the primary health care system has been transferred to local  governments. Currently, there are 125 medical centers in the  republic, of which 51 are in Yerevan. 68 health facilities are in the  department of regional administrations, 38 are in private ownership  and 7 are in other departments. In addition, there are 368 primary  care units, of which 86 are polyclinics. In total, there are 17  medical centers and one primary link for the provision of medical  care on the balance sheet of the Ministry of Health of the Republic  of Armenia, which is fully justified in peaceful conditions, but can  lead to problems in a state of martial law. The bill establishes an  authorized body represented by the Ministry of Health, which will  conclude agreements with medical centers. Medical institutions will  be able to receive compensation for losses incurred during wartime in  peacetime. 

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