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Armenia takes 61th position in Legatum Prosperity Index for 2019

Armenia takes 61th position in Legatum Prosperity Index for 2019

ArmInfo.Armenia took 61th position in the world prosperity ranking for 2019, while being the leader among the EAEU countries (The Legatum Prosperity Index 2019). In matters of ensuring the safety of citizens, it is in the 75th place, freedom of  the individual - 83rd, the level of management efficiency, democracy  and the rule of law - the 75th place, and the development of social  capital - the 75th place.

 In terms of the state of the business and  investment environment, the country is in the 56th place.  According  to the openness of the financial sector, as expected, the country  takes the 91st place. In terms of openness of the economy,  macro-indicators and business opportunities - 79th place, the health  system - 67th and the educational system - 51th place.

To note, neighboring Georgia ranks 53rd in the ranking, Azerbaijan -  92nd. Ukraine - 96th, Belarus - 73rd, Russia - 74th place. The best  countries were Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the worst - CAR, Yemen and  South Sudan.

According to the Eurasian Economic Commission, over the 5 years of  the EAEU's existence, the member countries of the Union have  significantly improved their positions.

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