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Armenian President: There are hundreds of reasons why one should  invest in Armenia

Armenian President: There are hundreds of reasons why one should  invest in Armenia

ArmInfo. Armenian President Armen Sarkissian, who is on a working visit to the UK, attended the First Investment Summit of the Eastern Partnership Member Countries,  organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  (EBRD).  According to the press service of the President of Armenia,  before taking part in the summit, Sarkissian left an entry in the  book of Honored Guests of the Bank.

The summit was greeted by EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti, who noted  that the Eastern Partnership, which celebrates its 10th anniversary  this year, unites the European Union and six countries in the East  and Caucasus. At the same time, he noted that the 6 participating  countries of the initiative are very different from each other in  terms of population, economy and political structure, in geopolitical  and commercial terms. At the same time, adding that in terms of  trade, the EU is a key partner for all of them.  "The EBRD has always  noted that we are long-term friends. The Eastern Partnership region  is rich and promising for investors. After decades of successful  cooperation, it is time to look ahead. We at the EBRD believe that  the main directions of policy should be good governance and the rule  of law," said EBRD President.

In turn, Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood  Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, recalled that the EU has  assisted EaP countries in building a sustainable economy, focusing on  three areas. "Firstly, we are moving towards a more dynamic economy,  improving the business environment. Secondly, we have improved the  ability of partner countries to take advantage of the EU and  cooperation with each other. We also supported the partner countries  in achieving macroeconomic stability. I urge everyone - both the  business community and others - to continue investing in this region.  There is great potential, "Hahn said.

The President of Armenia together with the Prime Minister of  Azerbaijan Ali Asadov, the Prime Minister of Belarus Syarhey Rumas,  the Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Chicu, the Ukrainian Prime Minister  Oleksiy Honcharuk , the Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia, the  Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili  took part in the plenary discussions "Stimulating growth:  opportunities for investors. " Participants in the discussions  presented the investment opportunities of their countries, efforts to  improve the investment environment, as well as problems.

When asked why foreign investors should come to a country with such a  small market as Armenia, Sarkissian assured that there are hundreds  of reasons why one should invest in Armenia. At the same time, he  cited several reasons why investors should come to the Armenian  market. He assured that when investors look at Armenia, they should  not do this in the context of a small country with a population of 3  million, but in the context of a world nation with influential  communities around the world and close ties with their homeland.  "Secondly, the Armenian market is small, but we have signed a  Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with the European  Union and look forward to its final ratification in order to become  even closer to the EU in economic, trade and other aspects. But we  must not forget that Armenia is part of the Eurasian Economic Union,  which implies an additional market of 170 million.  Armenia can  become a gateway for anyone who wants to invest in the region. Not to  mention the fact that more and more countries are signing free trade  zone agreements with the EAEU and the former Soviet countries,  "continued the President of Armenia.

He also assured that the money can be entrusted to Armenia, since  even the most unpredictable revolutionary processes in the country go  very smoothly, as evidenced by the velvet revolution of 2018.  "You  can entrust your money to Armenia as a state and as a financial  center. The banking sector of Armenia is one of the few that is  represented by international banks (European, regional, Russian,  etc.).  And our banking system is very stable. Armenia is a small  country, but rich in natural resources- copper, gold, agricultural  potential. Armenia is also rich in water. Nature produces about 8  billion cubic meters of water, while Armenia uses only 1 cubic meter.  We can share our resources with our neighbors. This is a small but  rich country in which there is no oil or gas, but there are other  wealth. Armenia is rich in human resources, "Sarkissian emphasized.

And finally, the Armenian President continued, Armenia is oriented  towards the future, therefore, along with our industries based on  natural resources, we focus on new technologies, artificial  intelligence, mathematical modeling, and big information management.  "Even the president of the country has his own presidential  initiative, since the president is also a specialist in mathematical  modeling. Therefore, I invite you to Armenia. By investing in  Armenia, each investor will find a partner. We all should agree that  we have a lot in common, not only historically, culturally, but also  in terms of economic attractiveness. I think we can all be much more  attractive together than separately. I would like to see joint  projects with Georgia that will be supported by the EU and the EBRD,  "Sarkissian stressed.

At the same time, he added that Armenia is dissatisfied with the fact  that the country's economic growth amounted to 7%, since the  authorities are ambitious and want more. He pointed out that the  authorities are actively fighting corruption and striving to achieve  i a society that is protected from corruption.

In conclusion, the Armenian President noted that the Republic of  Armenia is a member of the EAEU and has very close relations with the  EU, Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia. "This is a unique  country with close ties with Europe and Eurasia, north and south. I  invite, if not at the next EBRD meeting, then next year to organize a  similar meeting in Armenia to discuss possible EU-EAEU cooperation,"  Sarkissian said,  inviting conference participants and colleagues to  participate in a number of conferences to be held in Armenia next  year. "One of these will be the famous Summit of Minds, which will be  dedicated to artificial intelligence, economic management and  geopolitics."- the President of Armenia said, having also invited  everyone to the next big Doing Business conference in China next year  and to the 6th STARMUS festival to be held in Armenia in  September-October 2020. 

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