Friday, November 22 2019 12:20
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia and Poland plan to publish a second yearbook on history,  science and political science

Armenia and Poland plan to publish a second yearbook on history,  science and political science

ArmInfo.In Armenia, they are very interested in establishing scientific contacts with Poland. Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy  of Sciences of Armenia Ruben Safrastyan stated this on November 22 in  Yerevan at the international conference "Armenia-Poland: History and  Present".

At the same time, he stated that this is the second conference that  is being held between Armenia and Poland in this format. "Following  the results of the first conference, which took place literally two  years ago, a joint yearbook was published on various issues of  history, science and political science. We plan to publish a second  collection next year, and we hope that this process will be  continuous", - Safrastyan noted, while expressing the conviction that  today there is serious potential for deepening the Armenian-Polish  cooperation, including in the scientific field.

In turn, the adviser to the Ambassador of Poland to Armenia Marek  Rezhuta noted that this event is important for Poland from the point  of view of activating the Armenian-Polish relations. According to  him, to date, a number of Warsaw universities have stepped up  activities in terms of establishing contacts with the Armenian side  and conducting various studies that are aimed at helping to intensify  relations between the two countries. Rezuta stated that from the  scientific research point of view the Caucasus is of great interest,  and despite the fact that there are many different studies, the  Polish diplomatic mission is not satisfied with their quality, and  believes that there is a need for a deeper analysis and is always  ready to contribute to this process. "An important delegation of the  Polish Foreign Ministry is currently in Armenia.  Negotiations are  being held with the Armenian side at various levels in order to  prepare a long-term cooperation plan for 2021-26," said the adviser  to the Polish ambassador.

During the conference, Armenian and Polish experts made 13 reports,  which were devoted to the Armenian-Polish relations in the XX-XXI  centuries, the activities of the Armenian community of Poland,  legislative regulations and many other topical issues on the  bilateral agenda. 

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