Thursday, November 21 2019 15:18
Naira Badalian

Serious passions around Armenian football: FFA Executive Committee  meeting may be a harbinger of Vanetsyan`s resignation

Serious passions around Armenian football: FFA Executive Committee  meeting may be a harbinger of Vanetsyan`s resignation

ArmInfo. A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) is being held in Yerevan today, on November 21. According to media reports,  this could be a harbinger of the resignation of former head of the  National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia Artur Vanetsyan  from the post of chairman of the FFA.

Even the day before, the media reported that the meeting could be a  turning point on the issue of Vanetsyan's resignation, since,  allegedly, members of the executive committee were going to express a  vote of no confidence in the FFA head.

The tense situation in the FFA arose after Arthur Vanetsyan appointed  Abram Khashmanyan the coach of the Armenian national football team in  early November. After that, some members of the FFA Executive  Committee said that he did not have the right to make such decisions  alone. However, the executive committee of the Federation approved  the decision of Vanetsyan. However, it turned out that, according to  the new regulation, the right to appoint the head coach rests with  the president of the FFA. And the employee of the federation, who was  supposed to register the regulations with the state register in the  summer, just did it in October. Thus, Vanetsyan did not exceed his  authority. "I am the president of the FFA and I will head the  structure until the end of the set period of four years," Vanetsyan  said in an interview with reporters.

The situation worsened after the Armenia-Italy match. On November 18,  Khashmanyan's wards set an anti- record in the history of modern  Armenian football, having conceded nine goals. The match ended with a  score of 9: 1 in favor of "Azzurra Squadra ". The defeat was  perceived by the Armenian football community as a shame. The head  coach of the Armenian team called what happened on the field a real  fiasco.

Member of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of  Armenia, MP of the "My Step" faction Aren Mkrtchyan commented on the  defeat. According to him, everyone is to blame for the biggest defeat  of the team in its history - football players, the coach, the  federation and its executive committee, and president of the Football  Federation of Armenia,  former director of the National Security  Service, Arthur Vanetsyan, is the number one responsible.

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